Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So this is it!

Hey everybody. ..

So this is it! This is the lat email. I hate it. I love you all so much, but no offense I would love to stay another 2 years.

Come what may and love it though, right?. . . I guess?

The mission has been nothing short of the best 2 years and coming out here I never really thought I would say that. But now looking back, realizing the progress I’ve made, realizing that I will never be able to serve the Lord in this capacity again, it kills me! I’m going to miss the people in this mission. I’m going to miss talking with everyone I see about Jesus Christ our Savior. I’ll even miss wearing a suit.


I know God loves his children. I know he is always there trying to help us return and live with him. Yes, the heavens are open. Yes, God still speaks. He is the same yesterday today and forever. I know I have to start another chapter in my life, but I will always look back and treasure the incredible experiences I’ve had as one of God’s army, wearing his name, sharing his word. I know he has a plan for me.

I love you all and thank you for the support over the last 2 years. You’re the best! Don’t forget to pray that I won’t go crazy when I get home. . . I might though! hahaha



Thursday, May 27, 2010

last week

HEY HEY HEY!! So thanks for the inspiring words mom. You know I’m just gonna kill it this last week. That’s how we do it in the Denver South mission, finish hard. I usually don’t run distance races as hard as I can just to walk the last 10 feet. I try not to get a brake away in football and stop on the 5 yard line and wait for everyone to catch up, haha. So I think I’ll just keep working, talking with everyone, knocking on doors, you know mission stuff until President Woodley takes my tag. . . I must warn him though, I’m pretty quick and he's gonna have to catch me to take it. . . or have God on his side or something . . . haha! So no worries about me, I finish strong.
So this week was very eventful.
Saturday night we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Aaron. He’s a stud. So we go to Brother McIntosh’s home and have a lesson. We read through 3 Nephi 11 and all is well and the spirit is strong then out of the middle of nowhere he says "I’m moving Monday to South Dakota. . . . What? haha. That was our response. So we were like oh that’s cool playing it off like it was no big deal when really inside we were screaming and jumping up and down trying to convince him to stay. . . haha I’m sure you could picture it. Then both Elder Allred and I at the same time just got this feeling like it would all be alright. So it was cool. Well later on in the lesson we committed him to be baptized that next day, hahaha. For those whole don’t know there is a little bit more preparation that goes into it than that . . . like planning it, bap interview, letting the ward know, having time to confirm. . .. you know small details like that.

Which brings us to Sunday….
7:45 pec for 7 hills
9:00 sacrament for 7 hills
10:00 go and pick up our district leader across town for interview
11:00 pec for Flanders ward
12:00 walk to ward mission leaders house and outline program/ talk to angry wml of another missionaries ward about stuff. . . oh, dont ask haha/ say bye to non angry wml haha
1:00 Flanders sacrament meeting (was asked to give a surprise talk on the w. of w in sacrament. so write talk on stage and speak for 20 minutes. . worked out well haha)
2:00 walk back to wml house and finish program
3:00 start filling fount
4:00 help set up for linger longer in Flanders ward
5:00 baptism/ confirmation ( awesome by the way) I’ll show you pictures soon.
6: 30 dinner
7:30 go to recent converts birthday/ engagement party and talk to all her non member friends (jackpot)
8:30 go to members home and teach a lesson and eat homemade rolls
9:30 send in all the numbers in the zone to salt lake
10:30 clean up
11 bed
It was a wonderfully busy day haha. And it’s not slowing down either. Yesterday had a Zone meeting, today we went to the temple with President. . .got to send bike box home. . .

Dang, I got to go!! haha

Love you all! Have a great week and do missionary work!
Elder Bragg

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I got my flight plans

That’s awesome about Jordan. He’s the man. Elder Dunn and I were just talking about how he'll be a stud missionary, so that’s cool.

So it’s been a crazy week. I got my flight plans the other day. We call them our trunky papers. That was kinda weird, last time I saw those was when Elder Penrod got his! He was my trainer almost two years ago! That’s intense. That’s almost more intense then Lehi. . . hahaha. You know you’re laughing at that one.

So things are going well. We are working on a couple people to get them baptized by the time the transfer is up. So hopefully that will go though.

I tracted 9 hours the other day cause I was on teamups with an Elder who had no idea what was going on in his area. . .so that was super fun. It was raining like crazy. haha I love missions. They are the best, no other place in the world can make you feel super cool about walking in the rain in a suit.

Anyways, Love you! Have a great week. Talk to you next Wednesday!

Love Elder Bragg

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day mom!!!

Hey tell the Kullicks that I have an Elder Shawn who is being trained in this zone. I guess he hung out with the twins all the time and he was in their ward. He’s a great missionary.

It’s good to hear grandpa is doing well. He’s a stud so I figured all would be well.

My birthday was good. Thanks for the package mom, Kristin and Mick. . . Mick sent like 9 that same day. haha. Pretty sweet!!

I had 3 different birthday cakes that day. And our ward mission leader’s daughter is trying to figure out how to make a good cake you used to make. So you might get a call some time. haha.
(She did call and wanted to know how to make an Ice Cream Roll. It was fun to talk with her and she had nothing but wonderful things to say about Colton.)

No worries about the whole school thing. I’m not sure when I should go up there to school. Also Elder Burton came back to visit and I was talking to him. I guess LDS Business College is like 1400 a semester, but for return missionaries they pay half so it would only be 700 bucks. That’s kinda cool. But I figure I’ll figure it out when I talk with you on the phone.

Anyways, things are going well. Mission is good. I just got back from the temple. And well I must say, that is definitely the house of the lord, no doubt about it.

But hey I have to go. I’m excited to talk to you all on Sunday. . . Happy Mother’s Day mom!!!

Love Elder Bragg

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still dancing for joy

Sounds like things are going just the way they need to back home. Everyone’s happy not too comfortable, but still happy. If you’re comfortable then that means you’re probably not doing as well as you should. At least that’s what I’ve figured out. I decided I want to do at least 1 thing a day that will make me feel uncomfortable. Of course it’s all approved, but like if there is a huge group of people instead of just saying hi and maybe only talking to a couple of them about the gospel stand on the curb and tell them all about it. It is pretty fun.

Anyways not too much happened this week, well that’s a lie. That was my cop out attempt for not writing a huge email. haha

So on Saturday my companion and I ran a 5 k with our ward. It was something I wanted to do when I got home but I figured I’d get it done before hand so I can focus on a longer one. haha. It was way fun though. It was for the ward and we ran the whole thing right side by side. And yes of course because we are missionaries we ran the whole thing in our white shirts and ties. We even carried a copy of the Book of Mormon in our hands the whole time, haha. It was fun. Our time was 26:47 which is kinda lame. I know we could have done better. So we'll see when happens when I get back home.

So then on Sunday we find out an investigator from the Springs Mission would be coming to our Sacrament meeting and that she was getting baptized that night. Well, we got to go to the baptism and it was great. We met the other missionaries and what not. . . well I guess they were trying to transition her over to us but still wanted to baptize her so they could get a baptism, haha. But it turns out she lived in our ward boundaries the whole time!! They were just trying to snake it from us! Well, after saying swiper no swipey 3 times and a call from our mission president. We might have gotten a surprise baptism! Yay! haha. So she'll be confirmed in our Sacrament meeting and start going to our ward. So that’s pretty cool.

And finally I found out yesterday that I’m staying in this area. Pretty sweet, huh?

Any who, my birthday is coming up. Any letters or nice pictures would be cool. You can all just hold off on the presents till I get back. I’m sitting pretty well right now.

Things are going well. Still dancing for joy, it’s crazy. . . but everyday I come to this crazy realization the church is true. . . it’s weird. It’s like I’ve learned it already but for some reason its truer today than it was yesterday. I know Jesus Christ is my savior. I knew that yesterday. But for some odd reason I know it more today than yesterday. And as I look up this ladder of progression I realize that tomorrow I better be on the next step up or I’ll find myself one step lower. haha I love the gospel.

I love you all!! Keep climbing the ladder!

Elder Bragg

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To dad

Hey dad,

I got a chance to go on teamups for the last day. I don't know why but I was just super filled with the spirit. At one door, I was super bold and just stated our authority and that we were sent from God to help this guy be able to live with him again. He was a little hesitent and then I proceeded to tell him the consequences of not listening to our message. haha Never done that before. . . usually not the aproach you like to take on the door step first time you meet someone. But it was cool because I had no idea what I was saying and the spirit was super strong. So the misisonries in that area have a return appointment with him on Friday.... hahaha. Just goes to show you that the Lord knows every one of us and what his servants need to say, and if we are worthy and willing, we can receive that through the Holy Ghost.

We are doing great out here, no worries, we are working hard.

Love ya dad! I totally brag to everyone about how I have the coolest dad haha. Just so you know.


I sat next to Elder Dunn at the Priesthood session of conference and we both decided that we missed our dads and wanted to go to dinner with them. So hey.. . next time! hahaha


Elder Bragg