Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still dancing for joy

Sounds like things are going just the way they need to back home. Everyone’s happy not too comfortable, but still happy. If you’re comfortable then that means you’re probably not doing as well as you should. At least that’s what I’ve figured out. I decided I want to do at least 1 thing a day that will make me feel uncomfortable. Of course it’s all approved, but like if there is a huge group of people instead of just saying hi and maybe only talking to a couple of them about the gospel stand on the curb and tell them all about it. It is pretty fun.

Anyways not too much happened this week, well that’s a lie. That was my cop out attempt for not writing a huge email. haha

So on Saturday my companion and I ran a 5 k with our ward. It was something I wanted to do when I got home but I figured I’d get it done before hand so I can focus on a longer one. haha. It was way fun though. It was for the ward and we ran the whole thing right side by side. And yes of course because we are missionaries we ran the whole thing in our white shirts and ties. We even carried a copy of the Book of Mormon in our hands the whole time, haha. It was fun. Our time was 26:47 which is kinda lame. I know we could have done better. So we'll see when happens when I get back home.

So then on Sunday we find out an investigator from the Springs Mission would be coming to our Sacrament meeting and that she was getting baptized that night. Well, we got to go to the baptism and it was great. We met the other missionaries and what not. . . well I guess they were trying to transition her over to us but still wanted to baptize her so they could get a baptism, haha. But it turns out she lived in our ward boundaries the whole time!! They were just trying to snake it from us! Well, after saying swiper no swipey 3 times and a call from our mission president. We might have gotten a surprise baptism! Yay! haha. So she'll be confirmed in our Sacrament meeting and start going to our ward. So that’s pretty cool.

And finally I found out yesterday that I’m staying in this area. Pretty sweet, huh?

Any who, my birthday is coming up. Any letters or nice pictures would be cool. You can all just hold off on the presents till I get back. I’m sitting pretty well right now.

Things are going well. Still dancing for joy, it’s crazy. . . but everyday I come to this crazy realization the church is true. . . it’s weird. It’s like I’ve learned it already but for some reason its truer today than it was yesterday. I know Jesus Christ is my savior. I knew that yesterday. But for some odd reason I know it more today than yesterday. And as I look up this ladder of progression I realize that tomorrow I better be on the next step up or I’ll find myself one step lower. haha I love the gospel.

I love you all!! Keep climbing the ladder!

Elder Bragg

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Holly said...

Those "Springs" missionaries can be soo sneaky! :P A 5K in shirt and tie? I am impressed! LOVE YOU AND VERY PROUD OF YOU! :D